Hi, I’m Jenni and I am a Registered Nutritional Therapist and health coach, specialising in digestive health. I help busy women who focus on everyone else before themselves. Women who want to get some answers for their bloating, stomach flare-ups, indigestion and low energy. Who doesn’t want to feel like themselves again without having to give up enjoying foods they love right? 

It is my mission to help my clients realise that they can transform their health no matter when they start. I’ve worked with many people (in clinic and online) and there is rarely a quick fix, I will put that out there right from the start. Looking at your lifestyle, symptoms and finding out whats going on inside your body helps build a picture. Then, by working together on a personalised approach, you can see some pretty amazing results.

“I believe healthy eating does not have to be expensive and complicated. I also know you do not have to live on a diet of quinoa and kale to be healthy (thank goodness).”

I am a member of BANT, registered with CNHC (independent regulator for complementary health practitioners in the UK) and qualified at the College Of Naturopathic Medicine in London. I am also a qualified health coach.

  • Diarrhoea/Constipation/Bloating/Gas
  • IBS
  • Chrohns
  • Coeliac
  • Reflux
  • Indigestion & Heartburn
  • Candida
  • Gut microbiome imbalance – general, post illness or after antibiotics
  • Leaky gut
  • Low energy & fatigue
  • Brain fog

What my clients say

I am so thankful to Jenni Gordon for everything she is doing for me. The changes made ot my eating habits have helped me to start and sustain a healthy lifestyle whilst enjoying my food. We are working on the rebalancing of my hormones which will eventually help my adult acne & Psoriasis. I am looking forward to more results and continuing the process. Couldn’t recommend highly enought

Amy G

Really in-depth with questions from daily food intake, condition of hair and skin etc. Nutrition report came through quickly with a follow up call. Supplements arrived quickly and have felt great – noticed a massive difference in my diet and body.

Catherine G

This was my first experience with Jen and someone who was an expert in nutrition. I have been suffering anxiety and sleep issues and wanted to see if I could make changes with my diet in order to help. What a wonderful experience, so professional, caring and showed real empathy. My diet has changed for the better and this shows in my physical and mental well-being! I’m sleeping better than ever and drinking much more water now too! Thank you so much – totally recommend 🙂

Briony T

I have a jam packed schedule with weekly flights, which caused me to get run down regularly. Jenni created a tailor made plan perfect for my lifestyle and goals. Within the first few months all of my goals had been achieved. Its been 8 months now and I’ve never looked back. Having a nutritionist never felt like the norm for me. But after my experience I feel its an essential need for a healthy life.

Sam M

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